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Port Piriápolis

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This is one of the most delightful corners of the city. Ideal to enjoy lunch or behold sunset while sitting on its large rocks.

Port Piriápolis

One of the main attractions in Piriápolis lies at the foot of Mount San Antonio -also known as Del Inglés- where dozens of watercrafts await. The venue can lodge up to 80 boats, most of them very eye-catching. It is a special outing for sailing enthusiasts.

Re-inaugurated in 1997, this is a modern and safe site, specially designed for sport watercrafts. As it is protected by two breakwaters -the lighthouse stands on one of them- its waters are calm.

The port, located a few meters away from the funicular that leads to the above-mentioned hill and whose construction was fostered by Francisco Piria in 1916, may be accessed either by car or on foot, as it is within walking distance from the downtown, through the avenue known as Rambla de los Argentinos, which borders the shore throughout the city.

While strolling around the port, it is usual to observe the boat owners doing the cleaning and repairs, getting ready to set sail into a good day of fishing. Likewise, visitors hang around planning a navigation tour on some of the ships that sail out to sea everyday in order to catch a good fish or just have a good time as they behold the physiognomy of Piriápolis from a different perspective.

Port Piriápolis

All along the waterfront, local neighbors also sit on their deckchairs to indulge themselves with the view while they drink some mate.

Services available at the port include waste management, electricity and a Customs and Migrations Office. Those who like eating fish will be pleased to find several restaurants specialized in sea fruit dishes.

Port Piriápolis

Visitors who prefer to cook their own meals cannot miss this tour. Two hundred meters east of the port on the waterfront, they may find stalls selling fresh fish and seafood.

Standing very close to one another, these stalls are usually in charge of women who let customers choose varied products such as mussel, sea bass, hakes or silverside, to name a few. There is such a huge variety that buyers may choose the product they will buy, the exact weight they need, or just make their requirements to the fishmongers.

Port Piriápolis
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