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The Iporá seaside resort opens its gates to offer all its natural charm and its varied infrastructure.

Iporá Bathing Resort - Tacuarembó

Only 7 kilometers from the center of Tacuarembó, there lies the Iporá bathing resort, which is furnished with an important infrastructure to welcome tourists, especially in the summer. It is obvious that whenever this season is mentioned, it is hardly ever related to Northern Uruguay, which sounds more like the countryside and gaucho festivities than like beaches and sunshine. However, Tacuarembó has this interesting offer to be enjoyed in the summertime, especially if the idea is to rest.

Its name - Iporá – is a Guaraní word: “i” means water and “porá” is a diminutive of beautiful, clear, good or nice. Nothing more eloquent to refer to this delightful spot immersed in nature.

Iporá Bathing Resort - Tacuarembó

It is easily accessed through Héctor Gutiérrez Ruiz Avenue, a paved road. Its main attraction is Lago de la Juventud (Lake of Youth), which occupies 17 hectares. Swimming and fishing are allowed in this water body, which transmits a feeling of freshness and purity and invites tourists to rest all their senses. There are several beaches, rocky spots and shady pine tree and eucalyptus woods on its shores.

Several camping areas with fire pits, barbecue spots, water, electricity, tables, benches, lavatories and everything necessary to enjoy a quiet stay are scattered around the swimming resort. Furthermore, there is an Olympic swimming-pool for children and adults equipped with diving boards and water filters to ensure welfare. Various football fields, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts as well as roller skate rinks stand out amongst the green spaces to practice sports.

Iporá Bathing Resort - Tacuarembó

A very good way to call it a day is by hiking up the panoramic point from where a magnificent view of the entire city may be appreciated.
For those who wish to spend the night at the venue and have not packed a tent, the resort offers a private service of “Sepé” cabins with two bedrooms, an integrated living-room and dining-room, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor yard with grill, furniture, full equipment and air conditioning.

Iporá resort is the place the dwellers of Tacuarembó choose to rest during the entire year. Therefore, here we invite you to discover this place and enjoy full contact with nature.

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How to get there

Iporá resort lies 7 km to the North of Tacuarembó.

Opening hours

open all day

Bear in mind

The offices of the resort are open 24 hours a day and the telephone number is (063) 2 2612.

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