Tacuarembó - Photos: Jorge GonzálezTacuarembó - Photos: Jorge González

The City of Tacuarembó is the capital of the Department bearing the same name. It lies at the 388th kilometer marker on National Route 5, known as Brigadier General Fructuoso Rivera and it is joined to the Uruguayan littoral area through Route 26.

This district is the pole of financial, cultural and social activities in the core of Uruguay. Livestock production, especially cattle, stands out in this area.

Its name – Tacuarembó – derives from a Guaraní word which means "Tacuara sprouts" an allusion to a vegetable similar to bamboo which grows by the river.

Just like the rest of the country, Tacuarembó features temperate weather with average temperatures of 17°C. March is the rainy season in the area.

The language, the cuisine, the customs and the culture of Tacuarembó seem to have no borders. The labor of its dwellers, in such sense, stands out in the arts, culture and sports.

The place features interesting tourist attractions in the surroundings of the district. Some of them are the Carlos Gardel Museum in Valle Edén, where faithful testimony of the Uruguayan nationality of the tango singer, more precisely of the fact that he was born in this city, is provided.

Furthermore, a few kilometers away from the downtown area, there are extremely beautiful water bodies such as the Laguna de las Lavanderas and Iporá bathing resort. Also, there is a giant ferns cave in the surroundings. In the city, it is worth visiting the Museum of Indians and Gauchos and the Geoscience Museum.

In March, the city gets ready to celebrate the most important event in the country: "La Patria Gaucha" (the Gaucho nation), when the identity of the Uruguayan being is reasserted.

Tacuarembó is looking forward to the visit of tourists. It has many treasures to reveal and this is an invitation for you to discover it along with us.

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