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The Launderers’ Lagoon

Marcelo Sola Jorge González

Very close to the center of town, visitors may enjoy this beautiful spot and be in full contact with nature. An ideal spot for those who are searching to get away from the routine of the city.

The Launderers' Lagoon - Tacuarembó

History goes that this place was reached by women from all the corners of Tacuarembó who came along carrying their large bundles of clothes and spent long hours on the shores of the lagoon scrubbing them in order to wash them.

Once the clothes were clean, they were hung in the sunshine and the laborious ladies would retire until sunset, when they came back to gather everything they had washed, which was already dry. In those days, people could leave their belongings unattended without worrying about thefts.

The Launderers' Lagoon - Tacuarembó

Times have changed, but the scenery remains as beautiful. As a tribute to those women, the place has come to be called Laguna de las Lavanderas (The Launderers’ Lagoon). Located only 1 kilometer away from the center of Tacuarembó, people visit this spot to be in full contact with nature as they enjoy a camping area equipped with bathrooms, tables, benches, grills, water and electricity. Furthermore, the protective shade provided by the eucalyptus refreshes this place during the intense sunny days.

This immense park, also known as 25 de Agosto (August 25th), is an ideal spot to get away from the city at any time during the day. Its proximity makes it very comfortable for people to access it and enjoy good rest in the open air.

The Launderers' Lagoon - Tacuarembó

It is important to point out that this is also de location of the venue known as Sociedad Criolla Patria y Tradición, where the famous Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha is celebrated during the first week of March every year. This festival highlights the traditional values of the gaucho and folklore. It is the ideal excuse for getting together with friends, relatives and the countryside people.

When visiting Tacuarembó, do not miss a visit to the Launderers’ Lagoon. We guarantee you will love this place.

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How to get there

Leave the center of town following 18 de Julio or 25 de mayo Streets heading Northwards, as if going towards the Iporá seaside resort. The access to the venue may be seen after crossing the bridges.

Opening hours

open all day long

Bear in mind

We recommend that you wear sunglasses with UV filter and insect repellent.

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