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Ignacio, the Quiet

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José Ignacio is one of the most rustic and beautiful places in Uruguay. You just need to walk along its streets, to have a peep at its lighthouse or go down to its beaches and fall madly in love.

Visit to José Ignacio

Only one hour away from the peninsula of Punta del Este, at the 182nd. kilometer marker on National Route 10, there lies one of the most beautiful and calm villages on the eastern Uruguayan coast: José Ignacio.

Silent and quiet, the beaches gain tranquility, maybe because they are not crowded with young groups. The truth is that they are accessed by a large number of visitors in search for some peace.

Visit to José Ignacio

No sooner is the place reached than dozens of wooden signs, whether carved or painted by hand, inform visitors of how the minutes and the hours of the day are spent in this place: “Only the wind runs here”.

This popular saying, which has lately turned this place into a trademark, prevails as a daily routine amongst its denizens as well as amidst visitors who come along in the summer season.

Visit to José Ignacio

In the Daylight

There are plenty of alternatives during the day. Group walks are the great protagonists at José Ignacio, both in the city and its surroundings. Any hiking tour lets visitors interact with the harmony of this charming site.

The most outstanding beaches are Playa Brava (Rough Beach), which stands out due to its big waves ideal for surfing, and Playa Mansa (Quiet Beach) special for children. Besides, there are various alternatives to have a good time.

Visit to José Ignacio

The lighthouse, which has made this entire area famous, is visited by hundreds of tourists every day during the summer season, as an incredible view of town may be caught from its height.

Garzón Lagoon and its raft to cross onto the other side are the most visited sites. In addition to taking pictures of an amazing range of wildlife, it is possible to fish large black drums and silversides that rush into the sea with the high tide.

Visit to José Ignacio

But the main course is enjoyed both during the day and at night, when an unquestionable variety of fish and seafood caught by local anglers is served in the small restaurants in town.

After this wonderful earthly pleasure, it is worth the while to take a nap or get lost in the night through the small streets of José Ignacio barely lit by the lighthouse. An indulgence summer visitors enjoy daily at this spot, away from everything else.

Visit to José Ignacio
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Only a few minutes away from Punta del Este and after crossing the undulating La Barra Bridge, follow National Route 10 up to José Ignacio, a village standing at the 182nd. Kilometer marker, before getting to Garzón Lagoon.

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