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So Modern and So Old

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Piriápolis was the first resort in Uruguay. The blend of calm sea and the most aristocratic architecture of the Uruguayan/Argentinian society of the time gave life to this beautiful city.

City Tour Around Piriápolis

Old and modern at the same time, this beautiful city was built during the Belle Epoque. This can be seen while walking along the streets, the beautiful waterfront or when entering the hotels.

This region had an economic boom never experienced before when everything was nothing but sand dunes and the Sugar Loaf Mountain guarded the beaches. First, there was the Gran Hotel Piriápolis and the first families of “tourists” who arrived there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, at that time Montevideo and the neighboring Buenos Aires.

City Tour Around Piriápolis

The Argentino Hotel, for many the most beautiful and symbolic building in the country, was the greatest exponent of an architectural style that rose up in Europe and spread all over the world.

City Tour Around Piriápolis

Back to the Present

Besides its historical value, when walking around Piriápolis one can breathe a youthful atmosphere with every step. At first notice, there are a great number of pubs, restaurants and modern hotels. In addition, an appealing night life which entertains visitors during the summer eventually leads them to try their luck on the beautiful casino opposite the sea.

An area of more than twenty kilometers of coastline makes up its beautiful and wide beaches. Some beaches feature calm waters and others rough waters which allow surfing at all times (there are even people who surf at night). It is one of the activities preferred by the youth.

City Tour Around Piriápolis

These beaches are ideal to sunbathe because they all have white sand. Every summer, countless Uruguayan and Argentinian tourists come to see and enjoy them with their families.

Experiencing to Understand it

On the hill of Piriápolis, there is a church called San Antonio and it is one of the most memorable sites of the city. In order to reach the church it is necessary to go to the local port and take a chairlift to the summit of this mountainous formation. Another possibility is to take the road that surrounds it.

City Tour Around Piriápolis

The view from there is wonderful with unique panoramic glimpses of every corner of the city. At night, when everything is dark and the only sound heard is that of the sea, it becomes unforgettable.

The port, with its old fishing boats and modern yachts, is a dream-like place, above all at sunset when the city gets chilly and the sun fades away only to return the following day at dawn. In the port, any restaurant or stand naturally offers the freshness of the sea that every day grants a prize for those who choose fishing.

It only takes a walk along the waterfront to see that in Piriápolis almost everyone knows one another as if it were a big family that multiplies its members when the summer comes and returns to normal when the visitors leave. Perhaps that is the reason why it is one of the warmest cities despite the feeling caused by its sea and its hills.

City Tour Around Piriápolis
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Located only 60 kilometers from Atlántida, 130 kilometers from La Paloma and 35 kilometers from Punta del Este, Piriápolis is for many the most beautiful city in Uruguay. There are some who believe that fall is the best season to visit it.

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