Durazno - Photos: Marcelo SolaDurazno - Photos: Marcelo Sola

On the left bank of the Yí River, there lies the City of Durazno, capital of the department bearing the same name. This tourist center is located in the very center of the Charrúa country, equally distant from the borders of the national territory. This privileged location provides intense commercial activities, as Routes 5 and 14 go across this point.

With temperate weather and almost no temperature extremes, Durazno invites visitors to discover this place all through the year.

It is important to point out that Durazno has the alternative Santa Bernardina international airport equipped with modern runways, where air traffic may operate without any inconveniences when the weather conditions determine that Carrasco should be closed. Furthermore, the railway leaving from the Montevideo Central Station crosses the city center and reaches the City of Rivera, on the Brazilian border.

The spacious beaches of the Yí River, with all their services, are ideal to rest and feel the contact with nature, especially in the summer.

When going down the streets in town, it is possible to access various museums, such as the or the Fine Arts Museum, where knowledge about local history and culture is passed on. Its squares are the gathering point for grown-ups and children who enjoy the tree groves and playgrounds.

The most outstanding attractions in Durazno include Parque de la Hispanidad (Park of the Spanish Spirit), located a few kilometers away from the city, where the most important events in the region are celebrated, such as the Folklore Festival, the Gaucho Gathering and the rock festival known as Pilsen Rock, which summons thousands of spectators from all over the country. The first "llamadas del Carnaval" are also held at Durazno. These celebrations fill the city with color and rhythm.

Another site worth visiting is Saint Peter’s Parish, which was remodeled after being damaged by a fire and today is considered an architectural jewel due to its avant-garde style quite ahead of its time.

Visit Durazno, the core of Uruguay.

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